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Virtual Office Poznan and Coworking Space are the two most popular services offered by our company. Because you call us very often and ask us different questions we have decided to create a set of answers to the questions that you make most often. You will find here information about our offer, payments for services and everything else what you consider important for working with our company.

What are a virtual office and a registration address?

Virtual Office is a service based on registering your company under our address allowing you to outsource everything connected with the administration. Virtual office and virtual address are commonly known as e-office. Companies using the Virtual office service automatically get access exclusive address in the city center. Such address usually establishes trust with your clients and you can use it both in agreements signed by the company and marketing info. Using Virtual Office service you save time and money and avoid the risk of missing the mail delivery. Virtual Office service is commonly chosen by people that travel and are most of the time outside of Poznan.

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Is virtual office legal?

Absolutely. The legality of virtual offices was confirmed in a ruling made by the Main Administrative Court – II FSK 3549/13. The virtual office is fully legal and has to be treated as the main office of operation for any company by all country’s administration entities with all its obligations and privileges.

Where is the headquarters of a virtual office located?

Based on Polish commercial code the headquarters are in Poznan City. Our exact location is Słowackiego Street 55/1 60-521 Poznań. The headquarters are in Poznan City. This means that all administration, civil and criminal proceedings have Poznań city jurisdiction. It is very beneficial for entrepreneurs from small towns that often have to interact with the state administration.

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Who uses the virtual office service?

Virtual office service is most often used by small and medium companies, startups and freelancers. This service is very popular because of its elasticity, savings and guarantee that the mail will be received. In case of Clockwork Virtual Office Poznan additional benefit of our service is access to physical locations with conference and coaching rooms, coworking spaces included. We have a fully fledged office infrastructure with equipment and fast 1-gigabit symmetric fiber optics internet. If you also require an exclusive address for your company Clockwork Virtual Office Poznan is a service tailor-made for you!

Benefits of virtual office?

  • lack of costs present with renting a physical office,
  • access to an exclusive company registration address,
  • elasticity in case of your company’s location,
  • legal jurisdiction in local courts and administrative offices,
  • elastic possibilities allowing to use other services offered by the virtual office,
  • mail anonymity,
  • minimizing the costs during the initial phase of business development,
  • elastic offer allowing to customize the way you run your business and hire new people to work in our coworking space,

How much does the virtual office cost?

Virtual Office prices start with 55 PLN NET. You can find more about our offer HERE 

For how long do we sign the agreements?

The agreement is signed indefinitely with a period of cancellation equal one month. At the same time, you can sign the agreement for a year which means that you get a discount. Such agreement is paid upfront. If you are just starting your business we suggest you the monthly payment scheme which allows you an elastic management of your business without any upfront payments.

Can I choose the monthly scheme and then switch to an annual scheme?

Yes. If you are not sure about the future income of your company and you are not yet sold on the idea of the virtual office, a monthly scheme is a perfect solution for you. If you decide that you prefer the annual scheme we will submit you an annual invoice.

Do I have to sign the agreement personally?

You don’t have to do it personally. You can do it personally, by mail, by proxy or with email.


When should I sign an agreement with Clockwork Virtual Office Poznan?

Before setting up an agreement or after. This does not matter because you can easily switch your location from one to another. In case that you sign the agreement before setting up your company, you save time and money.

If I register a company in S-24 mode can I use a virtual office?

Yes, if you have signed the agreement before registering your company that should not be a problem.

Can I use the virtual office address while registering my business over the internet?


How do I save money with a virtual office?

If you are using our virtual office service you can run your company under our address in city center without renting a physical space. Usually, the prices for renting a space in such location start from 1500 PLN GROSS in case of the smallest ones. Additionally, you don’t waste time on picking up mail personally – in case of virtual office, you save this time. You also lower the risk of not receiving some mail that would affect your legal proceedings or contact with administration offices.

I am a starting entrepreneur and I don’t know how to count the costs of virtual office?

Call us! We will answer all of your questions with pleasure. If you are also interested in access to the coworking space we are elastic in terms of costs and the structure of the agreement. Open contact on our menu!

I require a specific service and I have not found it in your offer?

No problem. Our biggest advantage is elasticity. If you are running a specific type of business we will adjust to your requirements. Call as and we can negotiate a price adjusted to your requirements.


Can I use the virtual address in my marketing info, agreements or publish it on the internet?

Yes! The virtual office agreement is constructed in the way to enable you to use it in this way. Virtual office services allow you to run your business under this address. We encourage you to use it in your marketing info, business cards, websites and as your companies registration address. Additionally, you can be sure that none of your mail remains unreceived.

Can I use virtual office while staying all the time outside of Poland?

Yes. This service is specifically designed for people that travel a lot and are often outside the city. We guarantee you that all mail will be received and that you can run your business registered under the address of the virtual office. We guarantee you reliability when it comes to your mail and discretion.

Do you actually have physical offices?

yes, we do. We have 3 conference rooms and coworking spaces that you can use to run your business. The main advantage of our company is that you can move your business to a physical space when you grow. Renting our offices is elastic and we offer you different packages that start from 10 hours a week to a 24/7 access to our infrastructure.


How can I get to your office?

Our office is located on Słowackiego street 55/1 60-521 Poznań. In case that you have problems with finding us, we encourage you to contact with us or look up our location on google maps.

How can I contact your office?

We allow contact by email, telephone and post. Telephone contact is possible during our normal working hours from monday to friday between 09:00 to 17:0. Sometimes we also work during other days and hours.


Can I meet with my clients at the office’s location?

Yes! We have a physical location where you can rent a room for hours. Our main goal is to enable you to run your business exactly how you want just like in a real own office that you would rent.


If I rent a virtual office I have to physically be present at the office?

No. You don’t have to be present at the office. All of your business can be runned without your presence. All your mail will be scanned and sent to an email address that you provide in our agreement. In case that you would change your mind, you can move into our coworking space – our main goal is flexibility.

What are, if any. formal requirements in order to establish a virtual office?

Depending if you are a sole trader, civil partnership or a LLC or LTD company you need a different set of documents. In case of a sole trader or a civil partnership signing an agreement for virtual office, service requires a signature of the trader or a signature of one of the partners. The signee has to prove his identity by providing a id document or a passport.

In case of a LLC or LTD company aside from an id document you have to provide a document to the administration office confirming that you are enable to represent the company and any agreement signed by you is binding the company (letter of authority, company’s register documentation stating that you are enabled to form agreements in the name of the company – CEO, proxy representation etc.)

What happens with mail sent to the virtual office address?

Depending on what option you will chose in our agreement we will scan the mail and send it to a email address that you have chosen or we will resend the mail physically to a different address. Depending on how often you would like we can send it to you immediately, weekly, every second week or monthly.

Who is allowed to receive my mail?

Right to receive the mail have people that were ascertained in the agreement or ones that have the letter of authority. Letter of authority can be provided on the spot or you can prepare a letter of authority for a range of actions.

On what basis Clockwork is receiving the mail?

All mail is received base on the letter of authority provide for us by your company. We usually do it when we sign the agreement. On that basis, we also actively pick up the mail from the post office. The same mode applies to mail and packages delivered by UPS or DHL and others.

How fast is the mail send back to my email address?

The same day. We try to send it immediately.

When can I pick up my mail from Clockwork Virtual Office Poznań?

During the open hours of our administration or other time agreed with our employees.

Do you read or scan the mail?

TOnly mail for the companies that have allowed us to perform such actions.

Do you scan the mail?

Yes, we scan all mail. This can be individually ascertained with our clients.

Can you resend the mail to a different address?

Yes, this is individually agreed with the client.

How do you store all the documentation?

We have a safe that guarantees you the security of your mail.

Is Clockwork’s offer elastic and can be adjusted to my needs?

Absolutely. Clockwork offers a set of packages allowing you to rent a virtual office, an address for registration of your company and packages allowing you to rent coworking spaces depending on what needs do you have. Plenty of business have been hosted by us and each one has it’s own history. Some of them started with renting a single desk for hours and some from a small room per every month. Unfortunately, we had to say farewell to some of those companies because they have outgrown our office space.


If I want to presonally com to Clockwork Virtual Office Poznan do I have to come at certain hours?

Our administration is present from monday to friday between 09:00 to 17:00. We are elastic and we can arrange a meeting on the phone.

In what hours are the office spaces available?

Our office spaces are available 24/7

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How to book a coaching room or a conference room?

Availability of our room can be checked on our website. Or you can call us and get more info on the phone.

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What information can a person receive at Clockwork about my company?

Information provided to us by your company and any other info that you allow us to provide you. Additionally, we allow to set a sign in front of our office and use this address on google maps. Check out our calendar!

What happens when tax administration controls my business?

We provide them with the documentation present at our location and we cooperate with the tax office. We also provide them with information that they are obliged to provide to the public administration based on the law.

Where should I submit my tax declarations in case of renting a virtual office?

You submit your tax declarations to the tax office in the virtual address jurisdiction.

What public offices fall into the virtual office jurisdiction?

Tax Office Poznań-Jeżyce

Strzelecka 2/6, 61-845 Poznań

central: 61 647 18 00
fax: 61 64 71 921
e-mail: us.poznan-jezyce@mf.gov.pl

District Court Poznań – Grunwald and Jeżyce


Kamiennogórska street 26, 60-179 Poznań


61 65 85 220

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