We offer a unique combination of virtual office services and a physical location individually tailored to your schedule. If you are an entrepreneur who cares about flexibility and keeping costs low – our virtual office and coworking are the perfect solution for you. Our offer includes virtual office, coaching office, coworking and conference rooms.

Our years of experience have allowed us to make a name for ourselves and a large number of our Clockworkers are returning customers. Some of the companies growing under our roof have grown so much that unfortunately they had to move away from us. We wish them good luck and at the same time treat it as a recommendation of the quality of our services.

What sets us apart?

Oferujemy unikatowe połączenie usługi wirtualnego We offer a unique combination of a virtual office service with access to modern business infrastructure. If you program or work in the broadly defined IT industry you need to know that we have a high-speed internet based based on symmetrical optical fiber.

Our conference rooms are suitable for coaching classes or corporate board meetings. We provide a projector and whiteboards on site. All furnishings are easy to move so we can adapt them immediately prior to your arrival.

Excellent location

Easy access and access to public transportation is an important factor in our choice of location

Open 24/7

With the magnetic card you will have access to the rooms at any time.

Superfast Internet

Symmetrical 1 gigabit fiber optic link.


Each of our locations has an independent kitchen.


A moment to breathe – sure! Welcome to the Garden.

How can we help you?

Coworking Poznań

If you are looking for a permanent place to work or need to rent a desk for hours Clockwork Coworking Poznan is the perfect choice for you. Our Coworking offers conference rooms, coaching offices and shared spaces. Apart from access to rooms, it also offers business infrastructure. Our conference rooms are fully equipped with projectors and whiteboards allowing for efficient business meetings.

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Meeting rooms

Modern conference rooms for 12 or 20 people. Area of respectively
18 m2 and 25 m2 respectively. Perfectly tailored to the needs of our clients. Well equipped: screen, overhead projector, flipchart. Prepared to conduct training and workshops.

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Coaching Room

If you are a psychologist or run another kind of counseling center, this is exactly the place for you. Quiet, peaceful, with a large couch and lit by natural light overlooking the garden. An area of 11 m2, energetic red encourages you to make breakthrough decisions. Ideal place for business and development meetings.

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Virtuall Office

The virtual office service consists of a mailing address combined with
with mail receiving and sending, as well as a registration address. You can use it for business cards or marketing purposes. The advantage of our location is the presence of tax offices in the vicinity which makes tax settlements very easy. In addition, there are accounting offices in our vicinity, so you will be able to cope with the physical management of documentation more easily.

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We also offer bookkeeping and full accounting services for businesses and commercial companies. The first month free of charge! We work with an experienced accounting office with a very good reputation. Each client individually sets prices along with the scope of services. The office offers ready-made service packages and services tailored to your needs.

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    Oferujemy jedyne w swoim rodzaju połączenie usług wirtualnego biura oraz fizycznej lokacji indywidualnie dostosowanej do twojego harmonogramu. Jeśli jesteś przedsiębiorcą, któremu zależy na elastyczności oraz We offer a unique combination of virtual office and physical location matching your schedule. If you are an entrepreneur that cares about elasticity and maintaining low costs – our virtual office and coworking is a perfect solution for you.

    Our offer contains virtual officecoaching roomscoworking and conference hallsCHECK OUT OUR GALLERY!!! Our long-term experience allowed us to create a brand for us and most of our Clockworkers are returning clients right now. Some of the companies that grew under our hood have grown so much that they had to move out. We wish them luck and we treat them as a recommendation for our services.

    What makes us different?

    We offer a unique combination of a virtual office with access to modern business infrastructure. If you are a programmer or you work in any of the IT services you have to know that we have high-speed symmetrical fiber optics based internet.

    Our conference rooms are accommodated to coaching sessions and board meetings. We also have projector and whiteboards. Our furniture is easy to move around, which enables us to prepare the rooms just in time before your arrival.

    Virtual Office

    Our virtual office service consists of P.O. box combined with post handling and entrepreneur registry address. You can use the address on your business cards or for marketing purposes. The huge advantage of our location is the presence of Tax Revenue Office in the vicinity which makes all tax procedures easier to handle. Additionally, in our neighborhood, there are plenty of accounting offices that can help you with all the paperwork.

    Coaching room is a place where you can run individual or group schooling session in a small, calm and cozy place. If you are a psychologist or you are running an advising business this is the place for you! Soft light, a lot of space with a huge couch and a view of the garden.


    We also offer accounting services for entrepreneurs and companies. FIRST MONTH IS FREE! We collaborate with an experienced accounting firm with a well-renowned name in Poznan and outside. Every client negotiates the prices and services individually. The office offers services in package or tailor-made.

    Opening Hours

    We have on-site staff that will happily provide you with all information about events taking place in Poznan and surroundings. Our service Coworking Poznan is customized to your needs. Our office is open from 09:00 to 17:00. In special cases, we are one on weekends and on special client requests. Renting a desk in our coworking you will receive a magnetic card that will allow you to use our infrastructure whenever you need. Clockwork is open 24/7 – if you urgently require using our office during the night. Check out the availability of our rooms in our online calendar.

    Some of our clients are people working remotely for foreign corporations, and we allow them to use our offices after hours.