Our Offices

Our offices

Our offices are located in Warsaw and Poznan. In Warsaw we have three locations. By purchasing our package you gain unlimited access to all our locations.

ClockWork – Wirtualne Biuro Poznań i Coworking Poznań

ul. Słowackiego 55/1
60-521 Poznań

+48 790 840 670


ClockWork – Wirtualne Biuro Warszawa – Mokotów

ul. Ksawerów 3
02-656 Warszawa

+48 730 150 370


ClockWork – Wirtualne Biuro Warszawa – Ursynów

ul. Zamiany 8/202
02-786 Warszawa

+48 530 901 194


ClockWork – Wirtualne Biuro Warszawa – Centrum

ul. Twarda 1
00-114 Warszawa

+48 790 840 670


Clockwork is all about flexibility. If for some reason you often work in Warsaw and Poznan, we are the perfect choice for you. Renting access to one location you get access to all other locations!

If you want to find out more about Clockwork in Warsaw CLICK HERE.

See how our locations in Warsaw look like.

Downtown – 1 Twarda Street

Mokotów – Ksawerów St. 3

Ursynów – Zamiany st. 8

Clockwork is an innovative combination of many services at the same time. Virtual Office in Poznan and conference rooms in one. We are very keen to keep our services flexible and to win your trust.

Clockwork attaches great importance to Poznan’s excellent business traditions. Poznan has always been the cradle of Polish Capitalism and was one of the most industrialized cities. A great example is the Hipolit Cegielski Metallurgical Plant. Numerous automotive, chemical and metallurgical industry plants were established here.

During the Second Republic of Poland, Poznań was considered one of the most industrialized cities, and the Poznań Industrial District was one of the most important. In 1921 about a quarter of the population was employed in industrial plants in Poznań. The Poznañ plants successfully competed with the German ones. Due to good communication and railroad infrastructure, a large part of products of domestic industry was sold abroad.

“The material basis of a nation is land, industry and trade. Whoever gives land, industry and trade into the hands of foreigners, sells his nationality, betrays his nation.” – Gaspar Józef Hipolit Cegielski

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